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Mysterious ‘Objector’ Insists to Judge ‘There Isn’t a Bankruptcy’ in Detroit Because all Global Debts Have Been Erased

Robert Marques

Robert Michael Marques in Detroit

I came across this article on Steve Beckow’s site, Golden Age of Gaia, and was immediately excited by it although I live in the UK and there is a natural emphasis of course toward the US here. However, this concerns enormous issues for the whole of mankind and what affects Americans is just as pertinent to the rest of the world.

The article concerns a ‘private membership’, as explained by Robert Marques in one of the videos, which is apparently attached to the Vatican. This private membership is called The Chair of St Peter and I was sufficiently interested in what is going on here to find the web site of this membership - http://divineprovince.org/

Here’e the article with videos, and I strongly recommend that you take a look at the above site for which you’ll have to join to get the most from it. I’m still exploring!

sage:  Stephen Cook and I pondered this article and agreed that there is something “otherworldly” about Robert Marques. I couldn’t find any mention of any kind of organization within the Vatican related to the Chair of St Peter.

As the video clips below show, Marques himself won’t say much about his organization, although he does talk about “global debt forgiveness” and gives a bit of the history of our upcoming global abundance. Yet he seems to be a virtually unknown ‘drop-in visitor’ with a phalanx of “a dozen followers”.  Could he be a Celestial or Galactic ‘insider’ here to tell the world what’s really going on?

The Detroit Free Press – September 19, 2013


There was a mixture of retirees, Detroit residents and community activists objecting to the city’s bankruptcy filing Thursday.

Then there was Robert Marques.

In the most unusual argument presented during the U.S. Bankruptcy Court hearing, Marques testified that he was there as a representative of “the Chair of St. Peter” — as in, the Vatican. Marques, of Ohio, said all of Detroit’s debts were wiped out on June 30 as part of “global debt forgiveness.”

He acknowledged that his legal arguments are unique, but insisted that they are based in fact. He also warned that anyone who doesn’t follow the orders from the Chair of St. Peter could be held accountable for war crimes.

“The City of Detroit, which is a legal fiction, is basically saying there is a bankruptcy,” Marques said shortly after he testified during the bankruptcy hearing. “The problem that most Americans don’t realize is there isn’t a bankruptcy. For one reason: All the world came out of global debt on July 1, 2013, when Iraq sanctions were lifted.”

There is No Bankruptcy

Marques, dressed in a dark suit and a white tie, was among about 50 people who spoke during the hearing because they filed objections to Detroit’s bankruptcy by Aug. 19. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes held the hearing to give retirees and concerned residents a chance to speak.

The Chair of St. Peter is an actual chair that is housed at the Vatican in Rome and is believed to be a chair that was actually used by Peter, a disciple of Christ.

Marques said, “The Chairman of St. Peter is the Chairman of the Global Estate Trust. He is the Chairman over the Vatican.”

Marques, or his organization, filed a 21-page document with U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Aug. 19 and mailed the same document to a number of local Catholic parishes.

The document arrived in a large envelope with a picture of the city skyline emblazoned on it, said Ned McGrath, director of communications for the Archdiocese of Detroit.

McGrath sent out an advisory to all of the Detroit parishes to alert them to the document.

“To overstate the obvious, I would not encourage any contact with this individual and/or his website,” McGrath said in his advisory to the Catholic parishes.

Marques said he came to Detroit to inform the judge and Detroit residents that the city should not be in bankruptcy.

“We are not here to argue these points. We are here to state them in fact,” Marques said.

In court, Rhodes nearly had Marques removed for reading directly from the document he had filed and for going over the three-minute time limit.

Afterword, flanked by about a dozen followers, Marques declined to say where he lives or how many people belong to his organization.

A Private Membership

He also repeated his warning that if the orders of the Chair of St. Peter are ignored, there could be consequences.

“If they do not respect that decision they will not fall under the authority of Roman Curia as public officials as will be held for war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Marques said.

Posted by Peter (not Saint!) 01/10/13